Why should you visit the Library

✔ To read various newspapers (Print and E-form) daily
✔ To read magazines, periodicals (Print and E-form) etc.
✔ To know the Syllabus of our curriculum
✔ To read books and reference material related to competitive examination
✔ To read the text books, reference books on College Identity card in reading room
✔ To write down the previous University and College test examination question papers
✔ To enjoy the freedom of Open access to select the required book
✔ To collect the informative material for writing essays, article and research papers on various level
✔ To prepare a good speech on various occasion
✔ To prepare notes on your syllabus for examination
✔ To participate in the programs organized by the Library and Knowledge Resource Centre, Cultural committee,
N.S.S. and other departments of College at various Occasion
✔ To make preparation for an interview for any post
✔ To develop your personality more dynamic and versatile
✔ To know the different tricks and techniques of study
✔ To read the On- line ebooks and e-journals
✔ To use the off-line CD/DVDs of reading materials
✔ To use the most useful Newspaper clipping files on various topics.
✔ To listen/watch the educational audio-visual clips
✔ To get the ''Best user award''
✔ To know the basics of research process
✔ To shape your bright future
✔ To meet Librarian to solve your problem regarding how to read, how to write, how to search information